New name and site

I grew a bit unhappy with the name C12 Negative and felt it wasn’t such a good name after all.

I’ve been doing a space game on my free time for a couple of years and had reserved the domain for it, so I decided to share it with the filaments and “rebrand” them FrontierFila.

All new stuff about the filaments will be at

4 thoughts on “New name and site

  1. Tim Harvatt

    Do you know when you will be selling your carbon fibre 1.75 filament again on amazon. It is a really good filament strong and at 0.25 layer hight and 210 nozzle temp it prints with no visable layer lines. hope its soon cheers Tim

    • Olli Knuuttila Post author

      Hi Tim, good to hear that it works well!

      There’s more stock on way to Amazon and more carbon fibre filament should be available around 16th of October. A bit of a wait still…

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